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Alice Airbuzz got into Rock Academy! Thank you all for your support!

4.11.2011 Little Saturday lyrics

Behind my blue ocean, is a disco
Shiny lights and ugly people, why should't we go?
I'm hearing voices of another - another universe
Can't we be just good friends? Remember this verse

I suddenly knew what's going around
The city woke up in a stereo sound
I suddenly knew what's going around
The city woke up in a stereo sound

Write me your wet dreams on my hand
Whisper me your dirtiest secret, if you can
Everyday I try to see you, on my walls
Let me see you when you cry and touch the moon

I suddenly knew...

15.9.2011 Good Morning TV lyrics

Some of you have been asking for our song lyrics... here you go! :)
More to come later on!

Today I found a friend,
she was lying in my bed,
making jokes of what I said,
oh come on

Today I fucked a friend and
it felt just really good,
making love is just too fun,
oh I'm done

Today you wear me down,
you can never let me drown,
you gonna set me free
but we'll see..

I can't keep this secret in my hands,
but I wont let it slip away...
You could be here lying by my side

Friday nights may go a bit too far,
in the backseat of a police car...
I just miss you like my blue guitar

Today I'm not okay,
drinking at my dark cafe,
try to scream and say good day,
so I'll go

Good morning TV,
I'm dreaming of you and me,
when I wake up alone I can see,
I'm dreaming of you and me

30.8.2011 new website :) new stuff coming up, stay tuned

MAAKANSA2012 June 30th @ Iitti

Lex Phoenix - Vocals

The lead singer who's always ready to have some fun that contains heavy drinking and heavy partying. The name "Phoenix" means he'll never die. (seriously, fell down four stories and still rocked at our gig.) Usually in trouble because of his hot temper.

GoGoGeorge - Guitar, Vocals

Once upon a time there was a vision: to be bigger than the Beatles. The music industry needs the revolution and he wants to be a part of it. This emperor of the new music plays women like a guitar: roughly but knows how to make just the right sound. His musical intelligence and talents are way above the limits. GoGo is the new David Hasselhoff, reborn, forever young.

Ozzy Dee - Guitar, Vocals

This longhaired dude has the heart of a true artist, a lot of attitude and too much creativity. Among other hobbies this poet likes to do a bit of dentistry and sweet partying. His dream is to live in a secret place where you can always hear the music and surf all year around. In this sanctuary there’s love everywhere. His distinctive and gentle way of using his Stratocaster inspires all guitarists all around Turku... the world. Hendrix is so last season, we have Ozzy Dee now.

Pappa John - Bass

The bass player. He's (in)famous for his various unlucky incidents during gigs and parties. Hopefully the self-igniting amplifier is just a part of the history. PJ is often easily persuaded to stupidity by Lex.

General - Drums


Esteban - Synth


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